About Us

Joy Opens Doors provides in-home pediatric speech, occupational, and feeding therapy. Our philosophy is summed up in our name: we believe that by tapping into a child’s joy, we can open doors! We believe in using cutting edge approaches combining naturalistic play with behavioral techniques. This means that we use meaningful play and social connection in a child’s natural environment. Including your child’s daily routines means faster learning and more comprehensive gains. Our therapy is individualized to meet your child’s needs and your family’s needs.

We believe the very best care should be available to everyone. We are in-network with Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, and we are happy to work with you as an out-of-network provider for other insurance providers.

Contact us for an appointment at intake@joyopensdoors.com or by phone at 408-384-4993.


Where we work

Joy Opens Doors serves children and their families throughout the San Francisco Bay area.