What is an Occupational Therapist?

What does an occupational therapist do?
Occupational therapists, or OTs, work to increase your child’s independence in the things they do everyday!
For example, they work on fine motor skills. Fine motor skills mean the way someone uses their hands and fingers. This can help with things like putting on shoes, brushing teeth, and holding a fork.
OTs work on visual motor skills to help with things like putting on pants, reading and writing, and doing puzzles.
They work on self-care skills like learning to use the toilet and bathe.
OTs work on gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are ways a person uses their bigger body parts. Working on these skills in OT makes sure both sides of the body are able to work together for everyday tasks. This can include riding a bike, climbing stairs, or catching a ball.
Also, OTs work on feeding to make sure children can chew effectively. They are the MVPs of working with extreme picky eating and food refusal.
Our occupational therapists can assess your child’s unique sensory profile to help give them a list of activities that can help them focus and learn all throughout their day!
What is an occupational therapist?
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